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Welcome to my Page!

 I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with you and your child this year.  I hope you are looking forward to playing an active role in your child's education!  Together, we will  help your child grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  

***PARENTS- Please make sure that you check your child's Agenda each night along with their blue folder.  The agenda is a critical tool used for communication between home and school.  The Agenda will be used  this year and throughout their 6th grade year.  It is your child's responsibility to show these items to you each night, but until it becomes a habit, please offer gentle reminders.  

***Often parents want to know what they can do to help their child...

READ WITH THEM OFTEN!!!  That is the best way to improve their skills.  Every subject in school requires reading.  The better they read, the better chance they have at success in other content areas.  What works really well is if you read a page to your child and your child summarizes then your child reads a page and then you tell them what you heard them say in your own words.  We call this Checking for Understanding.

Special Schedule

A day is ART

B day is LIBRARY

C day is MUSIC

D day is P.E.


Week of 10/30-11/3



ESSENTIAL QUESTION: What's special about animals that live in the ocean?


1.  millions - more than one million of something

2.  choices - things you have to choose from

3.  drift - to move slowly, without a set direction

4. simple - something that is easy and does not have many parts

5.  weaker - to have less strength than before

6. wrapped - to be covered or twisted around something

7.  disgusting - something that makes you feel sick

8. decide - to choose what to do or to think

PHONICS SKILL:  contractions

VOCABULARY STRATEGY:  Base Words and suffixes -er and -est (comparatives and superlatives)

COMPREHENSION SKILL: Fact and opinion - tell if an idea can be proved or is a feeling

COMPREHENSION STRATEGY: Monitor/Clarify - find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense

Students will be tested each week over the vocabulary and comprehension in each story as well as the phonics and grammar lessons.  I will be reading the tests aloud in small groups until around Christmas.  

Wednesday - ABC Order/Vocabulary Quiz

Thursday - Vocabulary/Comprehension Quiz
Friday - Phonics/Grammar Quiz

Students will have index cards made with the vocabulary word and definition.  Study these words nightly to assure success on the test for Thursday.  Also, by reading the story each night, your child's comprehension will improve.

We are practicing phonics, grammar, and vocabulary here at school.  However, the more you do at home, the more likely it is that your child will do well.  

Reading Homework for the Week...

Monday - Study Vocabulary and Reread the story

Tuesday -Study Vocabulary and Reread the story

Wednesday -  Study Vocabulary and Reread the story

Thursday - Sometimes they will have a phonics or grammar worksheet


Quarter 2


Chapter 3 Add Two-Digit Numbers 

Chapter 4 Subtract Two-Digit Numbers  

Chapter 6 Add Three-Digit Numbers

Chapter 7 Subtract Three-Digit Numbers

Chapter 9  Data Analysis







Standards covered :

CA.1  +/- within 100

CA.2  +/- within 100 using problem solving

CA.4  Add and subtract within 1,000

CA.5  Properties of Addition

CA.6, NS.6, NS.7  Place Value

DA.1  Graphing/Data


***Students usually have 1 page of math homework each night.  Even if they finish it in class, I encourage them to bring it home so that you can take a look at it.


Spelling/Language Arts

Word Preview for week 10/30-11/30

1.   made 

2.  over

3.  did

4. down 

5.  only

Skill to be tested:  adding endings -ed, -s, -ing 


Chapter 2  Working to Meet Our Needs

Lesson 1 Needs and Wants

Lesson 2  Making Good Choices

Lesson 3  Producing and Consuming

Lesson 4  Service Workers and Their Jobs

Lesson 5  Trading for Goods and Services

Lesson 6  Making Choices about Money


Quarter 2  Engineering  (Chapter 2 Technology and Tools)





Solve a simple problem with a tool

Investigate how the shape of an object helps it function 

Compare two objects used to solve a problem

Important Dates


***Parents: please make sure you check your child's Agenda EVERY NIGHT!  This Agenda is an important communication tool for us that will be used by your child through 6th grade.  Getting used to using it effectively will be helpful to you and your child.  Also, please make a habit of checking your child's folder each night.  Your child needs to learn to be responsible for showing these items to you, but until it becomes a habit, please ask for it.  

***Our classroom gets cold.  You may want to send your child to school with a sweatshirt to be worn in class. 

***Children can bring in a healthy snack each day.  

Things to Remember

                                        LOOKING AHEAD....

Skating in P.E. starts when we return from Fall Break

10/31  at 2 p.m. Halloween Parties

11/10   Veterans Program  8:45

11/15   Early Dismissal

11/23-11/24  Thanksgiving Break






Contact Me!
Shannon Klei
623-2235 ext 15402


Created: Aug 28, 2014
Updated: Oct 27, 2017
Viewed 949 times

Contact Me!
Shannon Klei
623-2235 ext 15402


Created: Aug 28, 2014
Updated: Oct 27, 2017
Viewed 949 times

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