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Colder Weather Ahead

Students should keep a light jacket or sweatshirt in their lockers or cubbies. Remember, the playground and the walk to and from the buses is often WINDY and cold. If it's not raining at recess time, they'll usually go out for a least a little while.  Shorts are allowed when the predicted Noon time temperature is at or above 70 degrees.  Closed-toe shoes must be worn on the playground-no sandals.

Cold, Flu, and Strep Season Is Upon Us!

  • Refer to pages 4 & 5 in your child's agenda or rules folder for specific information about illness/medicines, etc.  Call the nurse if you have questions about anything.
  • If your child says he or she doesn't  feel well, check them out before sending them to school.
  • Take their temperature - anything over 100 degrees is considered a fever.
  • Keep them home until "fever free" for a full 24 hours. (temperature under 100)
  • Children who are coughing a lot should stay home or have a note from their doctor saying that they are not contagious.
  • If your child is sick enough to be on antibiotics, they should be at home until on the antibiotics for a full 24 hours.
  • Make sure your child gets plenty of sleep/rest.
  • Their diet should included fruits and veggies, at least 5 a day and plenty of fluids from decaffeinated fluids.

Miscellaneous Reminders

  • Please call-in absences by 8:30 AM.  If you'd like make-up work, be sure to ask for it at this time.  Depending on the day's schedule, it takes some time to pull it together.
  • Medical, parental or unexcused absences are tracked in the office.  Be sure your child checks in at the office following an absence with medical or parent notes.
  • Changes in end-of-the day routine: Parents are asked to write a note to their child's teacher indicating changes for that day.  If something comes up through the day, please call the office NO LATER THAN 2:00 PM.  (Of course, we will work with you after 2:00 in a real emergency!)
  • Some buses cannot handle any guest riders, so please check with the bus driver or school office before planning for friends to ride the bus home from school.
  • The front interior doors are locked after the buses arrive at 7:45 AM.  Students arriving after the buses must enter through the office.  Students are encouraged to go to classes on their own.  Parents who wish to walk with their children to class to help carry homework or birthday treats, must sign-in, wear a visitor's badge, then sign-out.
  • Parents may not talk with teachers or assistants while they are on duty, such as at the end of the day when they are supervising students.  We've had instances where one or two parents will come up to the school and find the person who perhaps referred a student for disciplinary consequence and then try to hold a conference with the teacher or assistant while they're supposed to be responsible for children.  If there is a problem with a disciplinary situation, please contact Mrs. Morton, Principal, or Mrs. House, Guidance.