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General News

April 29th- May 4th- Book Fair (our shopping day is Thursday)

May 3rd- PAWS Meeting, Trash for Cash Collection

May 4th- Breakfast with Mom

May 8th- Art and Science Show (Kona Ice Truck will be here!)

May 9th-Farm Fit (brown bag lunch and drink)

May 17th- wear blue mission t-shirt

May 23rd- Field Day

*Please check Smart Snack Guidelines on the school webpage.

*Remember to watch for class Dojo messages on your email.

Your child may want to bring in a sweatshirt or sweater to keep in his/her locker as our room stays very cool.


Weekly Agenda

Week of  April 30th-May 4th (Unit 29, Two of Everything)

Target Skill- Understanding Characters, Point of View

Target Strategy- Summarize

Vocabulary Strategy- Antonyms

Phonics- Diphthongs "oi", "oy", Long vowels "a" and "i"
Vocabulary- search, contained, startled, odd, leaned, tossed, grateful, village

High-Frequency Words- eight, near, once, paper, seven, upon, wash, who, woman, your
*Be able to read and pronounce these words*

All tests now online - (unless Chromebooks are being used for upper grade testing) *This week's tests will be paper/pencil due to ISTEP testing
* Vocabulary and Comprehension Tests on Thursday. *Grammar and Phonics Tests on Friday.

** Fluency homework due on Friday of each week**



This week our grammar skill will focus on possessive pronouns.  We will work on persuasive writing.

Sitton Spelling
Spelling List  (Week of April 30th-May 4th )
1.  aim                11.  bright
2.  snail              12.  fright
3.   bay               13.  tray
4.  braid             14.  try
5.  ray                 15.  below
6.   always          16.  saw
7.   gain              17.  something
8.   sly                18.  thought
9.   chain            19.  both                
10.  ground
Challenge words:
Basic word test on Thursday

**Sitton spelling words are # 15-19 on list.


Our current unit will focus on measurement.  We will learn about customary units of measure.  We will finish up learning about metric units of measure and take our test midweek.  Next we will look at measuring capacity in cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.  We use the X-tra Math computer program to help us practice our basic math facts.  We work once a week on the Accelerated Math program.  Each child works at his/her own level and at his/her own pace in this program.  We use the Math Facts in a Flash computer program to work on memorizing/speed of our addition and subtraction facts.

We are using our math interactive journals to help reinforce the concepts that we cover each day and we meet in small groups for extra practice.  We are working on "Writing in Math" with our journals.  The children need to be able to "explain" the steps to solve a problem as well as use appropriate math terminology/vocabulary.  There will usually be a homework assignment each evening to reinforce the concept taught that day.


This week we will go back to Social Studies to cover a unit on cultures and traditions. We have a consumable Science book with our new Science series this year.


Social Studies

Chapter 4- Celebrating Our Traditions

Lesson 1- Culture Is Our Way of Life

Lesson 2- Cultures in Our Country
Lesson 3- What We Celebrate
Lesson 4- American Stories
Lesson 5- Two Cultures

*** Our text is a consumable book.  We write responses to questions throughout the lessons in each chapter.  

Special Classes
Each week we will follow the A, B, C, D, schedule for special classes. 
A- P. E.
B- Art
C- Library
D- Music

We will have A, B, C, D, then repeat.  It would be a good idea to keep a pair of tennis shoes in your child's locker so that he/she will be prepared on P.E. days. 

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