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2023-2024 TIGER TOWN Preschool Registration Link
Applications are still being accepted!

Eligibility of Preschool Program 

Tiger Town is a tuition-based public preschool.  Any student who is age four (4) by August 1, 2023, is eligible. Any student who is age five (5) by August 1, 2023, must register for Kindergarten.  All eligible students must be toilet trained.  

Students who reside in the Sunman Elementary School attendance area will be given first priority.  Those who reside outside the Sunman Elementary School attendance area, but reside within Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools will be given priority next.  Any student who resides outside of Sunman-Dearborn Community Schools will be given consideration if space permits. 

IMPORTANT TIGER TOWN UPDATE: Before and after-school childcare from 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM is included in the tuition for any student enrolled in Tiger Town Preschool for the 23-24 school year. Register today using the link below!

 2023-2024 Preschool Handbook

Pre-Registration and Enrollment Timeline

February-The preschool sign-up link will be posted on the Sunman Elementary website. The link will close Friday, March 10th.

March-Parents will be notified of acceptance into the preschool program.

April-Parents will come to Sunman Elementary to provide proof of residency, birth certificate, and immunization records.

June- Parents will receive a letter with instructions and a unique code to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  

July-Parents will complete the enrollment process in the PowerSchool Parent Portal.  

August-First day of school!

2023-2024 Pre-registration is Now Open!

Tiger Town Preschool
New Student Registration (Grades 1-12)
Out-of-District Transfer Applications
In-District Transfer Applications

Go to:
Essentials Menu - 2023-2024 Enrollment/Transfer Information



Before School Care 7:00-7:45

After School Care 3:15-6:00

Available for TIGERS in Preschool through Fifth Grade. The program provides supervision to students for parents with work hours extending beyond the school day. Latchkey will be provided on scheduled early release days. Latchkey will not be available on weather related 2-Hour Delays or weather related 2-Hour Early Dismissal. Any 2022-2023 balances must be paid in order to utilize the Latchkey for 2023-2024. 

Car Rider Drop-Off and Pick-Up

Families are asked to communicate end of day transportation plans with their child’s teacher at the beginning of each school year as well as a list of Emergency Contacts that are authorized to pick a child up from school. If any changes occur to the normal pick up schedule (i.e. a student who typically rides the bus will be a parent pick up), please contact the front office prior to 2:00 pm on the day of the change. 

Car Rider Drop-Off Procedure

  1. All cars should: follow the directions of the crossing guards, yield to pedestrians, and should not stop in the crossing walks. 
  2. Each car will pull up to the curb as far forward as possible while staying in line.
  3. Adults will stay in the car.  
  4. All students should exit on the curbside of the car and enter Door 1.
  5. Passing is not permitted.

Car Rider Pick Up Procedure

  1. Cars have clearly visible name tags. 
    1. Each student who is a “routine car rider” will have 2 name cards provided. 
    2. A third tag can be requested if needed. 
    3. If a student is a car rider but not daily - family can request a name card. 
    4. If a student is only a car rider on rare occasions, no name card will be provided. 
  2. Each car will pull up to the identified “loading zone.” 
    1. Loading zone is crosswalk to crosswalk.
  3. Each car will pull as far forward as possible while staying in line.
  4. Adults will stay in the car.  
  5. Two staff members at the curb and one staff member supervising students.
  6. When a student’s car is in the loading zone, the student will be called (radio) to their car.  
    1. Students will be dismissed from Door 1 - front of the building.
  7. All students must enter on the curbside of the car.
  8. If a child needs assistance using the seat belt/buckle, cars will be directed to pull into a parking spot.
  9. If a student is not present when called to their car, the duty supervisor will direct the car to a parking spot or request the car circle the parking lot to the end of the car rider line. 
  10. Any parent/guardian who does not have a name card must park in a space and come into the office. 
  11. If there is any question about whether the adult can pick up the child, the duty supervisor will direct the car to a parking spot and the adult will have to come into the office.
  12. Once students have entered all cars in the loading zone, the cars will be directed to leave allowing the next group of cars to enter the loading zone
  13. The “loading zone” is a “No Passing Zone. 

proper dress

2022-2023 Preschool+Childcare Handbook
Student Handbook
Latchkey Handbook

PowerSchool Parent Portal

Food and Nutrition Services Treat Order Form

The Food and Nutrition Services Department can prepare your child’s birthday treat to make it
easier on you! Treats purchased will be delivered to the classroom for the class to share. All
treats listed meet the Smart Snacks Guidelines. Orders and payment must be turned into the
Food and Nutrition Services Manager at your student’s school at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Sunman-Dearborn School Corporation has achieved International Accreditation from NCA-CASI through our work with this organization.  Thanks to our parents, students, staff and other stakeholders for their input in this achievement!
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